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The name "Orbius", composed of the Latin terms "orbis" (outskirts, surroundings) and "ius" (law), refers to the location of the office in the Brussels periphery - in other words, "Law on the Edge".


The core members of the Orbius team have been active members of the Brussels Bar for many years and with their combined experience, offer intensive expertise in numerous legal domains. The cooperation is driven by the desire to provide an even better level of service in an increasingly complex legal world.

Specialisation and efficiency are our watchwords.

In the meantime, Orbius has developed into a firm comprising 10 lawyers serving a professional and demanding clientele.

Orbius has developed a unique vision and mission with an associated strategy.

The firm has extensive expertise in providing advice, drafting contracts, alternative dispute settlement (arbitration, mediation) and litigation.

Orbius continually strives for excellence. The firm is organised such that anyone with any kind of legal problem will always receive very efficient and high-quality assistance within the shortest possible time at a competitive price. This means that our lawyers are committed to continually developing their specialisations further and that Orbius strives to attract other lawyers who excel in specialist areas not yet represented by the firm.

The combined knowledge of the lawyers and a multidisciplinary collaboration with experts help to achieve this objective.


Fast and efficient communication is invaluable. The firm is equipped with the latest information technology solutions. A strong IT foundation ensures optimal management of cases, as well as fast and efficient communication with clients. 

The firm's accessibility is enhanced by its central location. The choice of the municipality, Dilbeek, was not accidental. The offices of the firm are easily accessible via the Brussels Ring Road and the chaussée de Ninove / Ninoofsesteenweg.


The scale and structure of the organisation is such that you do not become just another voiceless file after the preliminary interview. Personalised and accurate services and transparent pricing are central to our philosophy.