Advisory services

You can approach Orbius for legal assistance and advice. Providing solutions for specific legal issues, a preventative assessment of potential risks and safeguarding against these to the maximum extent, are part of our core business.

Drafting contracts

Orbius has extensive experience in drafting and analysing contracts and legal instruments in numerous matters, particularly with respect to commercial and corporate law.


The firm has a high level of expertise and familiarity with the handling of disputes in courts. Orbius aims, insofar as possible, to take a problem-solving approach, where the interests of the client are central, while at the same time looking for solutions other than the purely legal ones. Such solutions may include amicable negotiations, mediation, arbitration, etc.

Debt Collection

Collection of unpaid invoices remains an issue that confronts every entrepreneur. Here, Orbius guarantees a rigorous and cost-effective monitoring process with maximum transparency for the client, making use of the latest information technology.